Frankowski takes out the World Master’s Judo Championship

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By Shari Wakefield

Sydney University Judo Club’s Kristof Frankowsi has become the first Australian male to win the World Master’s Judo Championship.

After winning three silver medals and one bronze on previous occasions, Kristof won his weight division (U 100kgs) in his age and won the open weight for his age group beating a huge Russian in the World Masters Judo championships in Atlanta Georgia on the 20th of August.

He had three fights in his weight and five in the open and won them all by ‘ippon’ for throwing them flat on their back, the equivalent of a knock out.

Judo is one of the world’s most popular sports behind recreational fishing and soccer. Although commonly seeing as an Asian based sport, Judo is widely practiced in most European countries – including France and Germany, where both male and female fighters are popular and well paid.

When he isn’t competing, World Champion Frankowski coaches at the Sydney University Judo Club. Kristof teaches in the H K Ward Gymnasium on Monday evenings from 5.30 pm. Classes are also held on Wednesday and Thursday nights and fighting training is on Saturday afternoons.

For more information about the Sydney Univeristy Judo Club check out their website –