Shari Wakefield

Sydney University was represented by 10 players at the Women’s Rugby National Championships, recently played at Tallebadgera.

The 10 players were spread among three teams, including eight in the Sydney team, one in the NSW Country team and one in the NSW Development team.

Sydney were the defending champions, and with Alex Hargraves, a member of the World Cup winning Seven’s team, they blazed through the first two games winning 76-0 and 29-0 respectively.

However, they lost the final to Queensland 15-13 in an extremely close match.

Two Sydney University players, Hargraves and Tuaine InaMate, were rewarded for their efforts by being selected to play in the Wallaroo squad.

The Wallaroo’s have a trial match next week and from that trial game a team will be selected to play in the World Cup qualifier against Samoa.

In local competition, Sydney University have made it through to the final of the Women’s Championship with a hard-fought 22-19 win over Parramatta in the minor semi-final at Waverly Oval.