Sydney University’s Mens 8+ Slays the Dragon

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Sydney University Boat Club’s M8+ has risen above a plague of illness and malfunction to take second place at the Xinjin Dragon Boat Festival, Chengdu, China on Sunday.

Sydney Uni’s Reserve Ryan Barraclough stepped up to row in the squad which finished behind Otago University.

The team had faced hardship throughout the competition with Terrence Alfred (stroke), and Ryan Edwards (3), being sent home ill and Edward Boyce (5) breaking his foot stretcher during the final.

After the race Ryan Barraclough said, ‘I was comfortable stepping into the squad, as I had already competed with a lot of the boys before. And the older boys – such as Boyce, Quigley and Lister – were extremely supportive.’

It was evident that Sydney Uni was one of the top teams before they took to the water.

‘Through vocal support and local following, it was evident that ours was  the premier race throughout the tournament,’ said Barraclough.

Sydney Uni was leading, by half a length, at the 700m mark when Boyce’s foot stretcher broke and he was no longer able to row.

‘Philip Bourguignon and Alan Bennett, our coaches, did a really good job making the most of the boat we were given in China. And Michelle Nancarrow, the University representative, provided excellent moral support,’ said Barraclough.

‘I was happy to get a chance to row with Toby Lister, before he leaves for the AIS to cox the Men’s Australian Eight,’ said Barraclough.

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